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Accounting and finance are the life blood of all business and the accuracy of that information is what feeds the financial posture of your business. In other words, if your accounting is “off” so is the financial planning/budgeting of business. Business owners cannot make mistakes when planning the future of business if accounting is entered into the wrong accounting “bucket.

If that happens then financial data is simply incorrect. Ever wonder why a business never makes a profit? Allectus LLC offer Houston business management consulting and proven methodologies to help train and coach you and your managers in the basics of accounting processes that will actually prove a positive change in the financial posture of any company.

As a coach and as a support contact, Allectus LLC can help you understand the complexity of accounting that will eventually help lead you to develop correct and accurate financial information for your business allowing you to make the right decisions about your business. Ever heard of that old saying, “garbage in, garbage out?” There are many businesses, large and small, making garbage business decisions based on poorly functioning accounting processes. Let Allectus LLC coach and support your accounting efforts with one on one consulting, training, or even installing our Interim Professional services today. Call us at (832) 779-2061 to get started.

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