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What makes a great leader? Does a leader have to be good or great? What kind of a leader are you?

Our customized Leadership training programs offer valuable knowledge and understanding of the “human” side of organizational management. Customized because leadership skills are not standard. Leadership skills are unique to the person, environment, and the organization where buying a book on leadership or attending a training course simply will not teach what is needed to be an effective, successful, and savvy leader.

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Allectus LLC Leadership Training helps develop leadership skills as well as create a positive relationship between leaders and followers. Our leadership training helps business owners become more effective leaders by way of our customized Leadership Coaching programs by way of Luis Luarca’s personal attention to your leadership success. Luis Luarca's comes from decades of experience in business as well as his dissertation research for his PhD on Leadership and Employee Motivation.

Leadership is not about giving employees raises or allowing employees to take advantage of your good nature to get them to do what you need them to do. Leadership is about creating a positive work environment for employees allowing them to excel in their roles. Allectus LLC has the experience and knowledge to teach leadership skills not only to business managers but employees as well. Leadership is about all members of an organization understanding the goals of the business to achieve success and reach the vision of the organization.

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