Top 3 Reasons Employees Quit

There are many reasons employees leave their employers but I have put together the top 3 reasons I have witnessed why employees leave their employers and all 3 reasons are because of poor business leadership. Remember that business leadership has to do with getting people to follow you by trusting in you to get them to "the next level". That next level can be from taking the company to the next level to allowing them to get to their next level in life. Yes, believe it or not, humans expect business leadership to help them along their growth path. Leaders must respect and take on this responsibility.

As business leaders we must take into account that employees are humans first and employees second, therefore we must lead humans and employees simultaneously.

1. Employees Don't Feel Challenged

Humans enjoy a challenge - they just do. Humans bore rather easily especially at work so when there is no direction or challenge in their work, humans tend to slow down and become bored, complacent, and even resentful. Humans will actually lose respect for your leadership style and even disregard your efforts to build the company.

The solution here is to develop proper guidance and direction for each of them just as you would build guidance and direction for the organization as a whole. In other words, ensure that each employee has a clearly defined job description with measurable goals that are actually measured and evaluated.

Show employees that their work actually contributes to the organization by praising them for a job well done. Praise as simple as "great job" to naming them for their efforts at the company monthly meeting. What? you don't have company monthly meetings? Shame on you!

2. Employees Don't "Feel" Part of the Organization

Human psychology tells us that humans like to be acknowledged, they like to be "seen" and heard. So, ask them what they think of this or that relating to business operations. My success as a business owner and consultant is purely from my asking employees what they think. At the end of the day, why wouldn't I ask someone who works in production how to make production more efficient? If employees don't feel part of the organization they will leave or at a minimum start to become non productive.

The solution here is simple. Sometimes a simple suggestion box works. Also, assigning teams and committeess to come up with solutions to internal operation problems. Select participants from various departments and take their ideas and suggestions seriously. Those ideas and suggestions that don't make sense for the business still should be applauded and explained to each group why such ideas and solutions might not be feasible.

Bottom line; make employees feel as if they belong in the organization and I don't mean by a simple morning "hello, how are the kids". Managing employees like this is not leadership.

3. Employees Don't See a Future for Themselves in the Organization

Humans require a sense of security for themselves and their families. If your organization "looks" or feels cheesy, employees will leave. They just will. Before they leave, employees will stress and speculate and ignore you as a leader. In other words, communicate with all employees ALL THE TIME as to the state of the company. Of course I am not advocating sharing confidential financial information but at least try not to be so secretive or avoid contact with employees; or customers for that matter. I know a small business owner who avoids contact with his employees and customers such that he is losing employees and customers and he doesn't know why.

The solution here is simple; a monthly meeting. Really, it's that simple. I have seen fantastic leaders who stick to a strict schedule of monthly meetings with employees and I have seen terrible business owners who hardly ever communicate with their employees. Which business owner do you beleive is more successful?

As I stated at the begining, there are many reasons why employees but these 3 points help you as a leader to understand easy ways to reduce turnover. It is true that employee replacement (training new hires) is more expensive than following these 3 tips.

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