Top 3 "must haves" if you want to call yourself a leader

So you think you know how to lead people or an organization huh? What qualifies you to do either? Is it your title? Of the million characteristics of leadership out there I believe there is only one qualifier that allows you to call yourself a leader. What do you think it is? It's credibility. You must have credibility as a leader. There are no if, ands, or buts about it. You must have credibility as a leader. In order to have credibility you need to be able to manage your personality and your business. The top 3 must haves you need in your personality are maturity, respect, and tact. I will challenge anyone to a debate as to why these 3 characteristics of personality are a must have in order to be considered having credibility.

In the last 9 months I have personally witnessed the failure of two business owners who perceived themselves as being great leaders fail miserably (or fail perfectly) at being leaders and not even realize it. The fallacy of business is that if you buy a company, start a company, or inherit a company - and give yourself a cool title like CEO, President, etc, etc, then you are a great leader. Truth be told, your ego is driving all of this and you are failing to realize that credibility is key to your success, not your title.

I actually enjoy meeting CEOs, Presidents, and other "en-titled" owners who are so full of themselves they actually present ridiculously. For some reason they can't seem to check their ego at the door. My advice to you if you're an owner or a manager - give up your title for a year and function within your organization as a regular untitled employee because in reality, no one in your company truly cares about your title. They care about whether you are going to be able to keep the company afloat so they can take care of their families. Don't be so greedy, check your ego Mr. CEO.

Luis Luarca, PhD

Categories: Leadership

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