Why is Positive Employee Motivation Important?

Does leadership include having to keep employees positively motivated? Yes, absolutely. We have studied and confirmed that good leadership includes positively motivating employees thus creating and fostering a positively productive work environment. How does your organization positively motivate employees? Do you feel motivated to go to work? Do you feel motivated when you are at work?

As a leader it is your responsibility to lead as well as motivate. As a leader it is your responsibility to engage and encourage employees to stay the course and follow your lead as you move toward accepting your company vision. As a leader, are you doing these things? Why not!

I have stated many times in blogs, summaries, and presentations that employees are just as important as any other asset inside your organization. It is important that employees feel and understand that you as a leader know and realize their importance within the organization.

I find it humorous that many organizations focus on the bottom line but not employee development. Organization focus on equipment maintenance but not employee maintenance in the form of periodic performance reviews or incentives to improve processes. Shame on you Mr. leader. Shame on you!

In my days as a consultant I was able to see fantastically developed employee plans by business owners and I have also been able to see miserable ego take the place of important opportunities to positively motivate employees.

So why is positive employee motivation important in organizations? Really? You don't know? Positive employee motivation is important in any organization because of the simple points noted above. Because employees are assets just like your equipment, your building, and your product line. In other words, you would not have equipment, a building, or a product line if you didn't have employees so why discount their importance in your organization?

In all my years of consulting I have met amazingly creative employees who in concert with my efforts as a consultant have developed more efficient processes, developed more effective operational enhancements to their organizations, and installed many effective, better ways of doing business all while still doing their jobs, caring about their company leadership, and becoming more productive employees.

Some of the best ideas developed in a consulting project come from the people who actually do the work (employees) so why not include them into the development of the organization? Why not ask them their opinions on how to make your company better? Studies have shown (including my own research) that humans enjoy being asked to participate. Humans need to feel accepted and humans relish in being creative...when asked.

So why don't you ask your employees to participate in developing a better organization? Why not become a better leader and ask your employees? I learned a long time ago from a client, "you get more bees with honey".

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