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During the research portion of my PhD dissertation I had the luxury of meeting a business owner who I believe exemplfies visionary leadersip. This person somehow has built his business from zero to a thriving and well respected company twelve years later. Note that this is a small business generating well under $20mm annually. I am guessing at this amount as revenue was not my reason for meeting him. He allowed me to spend a couple of days within his organization to observe and interview his employees on how they work within the company. Rather, why are they there and what is their motivation for being there.

Of course we assume that all employees everywhere are at work to make money. Yes, that is a typical answer but I was not looking for typical answers. I was looking for those answers that are usually personal such that we don't talk about those personal things that keep us going to work day in and day out. Even with my own employees I let them know that if they are not happy working for me, then it is time to move on and find a company that is stimulating, energizing, and challenging. This is what I found was the consensous at this company in my observation. The employees really want to be there!

What causes that? How do you create that as a leader? How do you create an environment where employees truly want to be there with you no matter how tough things get. Trust. There must be trust in the leadership of the organization and there must be trust in employees. It's only fair. As a leader, you ask them to trust you and follow you so equally, they are asking you to trust them and let them do their work. The organization I observed does this very very well.

There is one thing that allows this organization to flourish under the notion that there is trust within the organization and that one thing is a vision. A vision statement for the organization that is acheivable and attainable. A vision statement that everyone knows and understands. Most importantly, the organization must provide the tools to employees so they can do their job and help achieve the vision statement. Visionary leadership is unique and must be developed over time. Visionary leadership is not about writing down goals and hanging them on a wall. Visionary leadership is about action, direction, structure, and organization. Visionary leadership is about committment to that vision, consistent direction, and communication of that vision.

In all my years of consulting and observing business organizations across many many industries, I have never witnessed such a well tuned organization so focused on their vision statement goals. All employees in this organization are focused, energized, and willing to accept the challenge of acheiving their company vision statement and please their leader. Find this in your organization!

Luis Luarca PhD

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